Sonars, rückenfigur & flamants roses

Dans le cadre de leur carte blanche à la BeauHaus, Clémence Hébert et Guy-Marc Hinant proposent un double concert aux résonances aquatiques et paysagistes…

City Hands

City Hands aka Manuel Padding

A La Haye, Manuel Padding improvise avec de l’électronique et divers objets dont des petites percussions. Des sonars rencontreront des rythmes doucement frénétiques. Ils vous emmèneront en voyage. Dans une nuit froide et désolée, paradoxalement accueillante.

… it’s a quest, a search for this mythical place that is both an inner sanctum of vision, a threshold of faith and a mass mind utopian apparition. City Hands is the vessel for me to try and reach this Eldorado, a vessel that has allowed me to see glimpses of this place and even made it possible to almost enter it. It is my hope and belief that by continuing the journey, sharing this trip with you the listener, we can achieve a zone of communal ego mind melt and we’ll be able to build this bridge to Music City and enter its nurturing universe.

F.R.M. Padding, October 2011, Den Haag


Dolphins into the future

Dolphins into the Future aka Lieven Martens

Lieven Martens, autoproclamé directeur du département communications des cétacés, jouera une cantate en 5 mouvements accompagnée d’une projection en 4 séquences. Rencontrez un paysage en stéréo. Devenez une « rückenfigur« . Affrontez un paysage qui n’existe nulle part. Des milliers de flamants roses rempliront vos ouïes.

I create Cetacean Trancefers. Dreamt by places like, Ho’okena, Ilha Das Flores, São João Do Pico, and Kealakekua, etc. All the patterns, tones and harmonies are inspired by Nature’s Tongues And Cycles. The music is meant as a two dimensional (left – right, stereo) sound picture. A metaphorical landscape in which you could hike, or just stand by and relax. You’re the Ruckenfigur. Listening to an inhabitable sound. Or watching a dramatic environment. And in analogy with this metaphor, I use various recorded elements of nature and sound, and re-create them into a new form of Utopian Landscape. In essence, my music is not synth music nor new age. It is though a personal form of classical either ethnic music. Also, it’s more affiliated with landscape painting. And romantic poetry. Or poetic cinema. Like a vision of thousands of Flamingos. Forming many abstract pinkish blobs. It’s a primitive, simple all-present form of music. An echo of Nature’s Tongues And Cycles. Penetrating the deep psychology of music. Of the Cycles.

Lieven Martens

Infos pratiques

  • samedi 5 mai 2012
  • 5 bd Barthélémy, 1000 Bruxelles
  • 20h (vu la capacité limitée du lieu, il vous est vivement conseillé d’arriver à l’heure, les retardataires ne pouvant désormais plus rentrer)
  • 6 €
  • Bar & coussins à disposition
  • rem : l’exposition de Clémence Hébert & Guy-Marc Hinant est visible entre 16 et 18h


City Hands

Dolphins into the future